White Oak Craftsman Kitchen

White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Fridge surround and corner glass front cabinet

Finally finished!

The kitchen is complete and here are some pictures to show you our fine work. We were fortunate to have the homeowner do some of the work in the kitchen as well, so the floor refinishing, backsplash tile, and wall painting work were all done by them. Our primary work in this space was the cabinets as well as the behind-the-scenes details like plumbing and electrical, new light fixtures, and a new window.

This kitchen is quarter-sawn white oak front with inset doors and drawers in a classic Craftsman style. We used Old Masters Cherry Stain, which added the red tinge as well as drawing out the grain in the wood. The boxes of the cabinets are also custom-made from pre-finished maple plywood. The drawers feature Blum Soft Close slides to make the operation of the drawers easy and to ensure the owners hear the slamming of a drawer again, even when the drawers are fully loaded. Additional highlights of this kitchen are the storage/seating bench, the full-height pantry, microwave garage, and wine rack.

A challenge in the planning of this kitchen was getting the most out of a modestly sized urban kitchen for a family of four. There needed to be efficient use of space for the foodie parents and enough storage to ensure they could keep things out of the hands of their young kids. Full height cabinets, nearly reaching the high ceilings, a storage bench, and a large built-in pantry solved the storage issue in the kitchen. Replacement of one window with a smaller, higher window allowed them to add nearly 50% additional counter space with cabinets below.


Wall paint:


Drawer Hardware:


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